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2016-05-01Are there other factors contributing to periodontal (gum) di

Shenzhen periodontal disease treatment centre remind you that the smoking is a true risk factor for periodontal disease.

2016-05-01How can you notice periodontal (gum) disease?

The patient and/or dental professional can see that the gums are red, possibly swollen and tend to bleed easily.

2016-05-01Can The Periodontics be treated successfully?

However, to succeed with the treatment, apart from the proposed treatment plan, you would also have to carry out good daily oral hygiene in order to k...

2016-08-07How long will periodontal disease treatment need to cost?

How long will periodontal disease treatment need to cost?It normally takes three to six months to finish the first two phases of the treatment. It is ...

2016-08-07Periodontal FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to cure periodontal disease?Can you treat your periodontal disease later for the fear of pain,having no time or some other reasons ?

2016-08-09Diagnostic works before the treatment of periodontal disease

Firstly,a dentist will initiate a preliminary communication with the patient to understand if they have received periodontal treatment in the past

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