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How to Prevent Periodontal Disease in Daily Life?

Core tip:For the foodies, having good teeth is very important, but if you have periodontal disease , it will bring a lot of distressin the wayof eating goods. So how can we protect our teeth from this disease? Lets recommend several practical tipso

    For the foodies, having good teeth is very important, but if you have periodontal disease,   it will bring a lot of distress in the way of eating goods. So how can we protect our teeth from this disease? Let’s recommend several practical tips of preventing against periodontal disease.

    1. Keep your mouth clean
    Brush your teeth with warm water in the morning and evening everyday. It is more important to brush your teeth before going to bed than in the morning. In addition, gargle with water after every meal.Try to remove food residue in the teeth by using water. If the food residue is stuck between the teeth , you can also use a floss. You should go to the hospital regularly to have teeth cleaning to remove the calculus on the teeth surfaces of teeth, so as to prevent from periodontal disease.

    2. Gargle with tea
    Rinse your mouth with tea after each meal to wash the teeth and both sides of the tongue. In this way, you can clear the tartar, improve the physiological function of oral orbicularis muscle and oral mucosa, and enhance the acid resistance and antiseptic ability of teeth.

    3.Have healthy diet
    Eggs, fruits, vegetables, ribs soup, etc., which are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins,  are good for teeth. Having insufficient protein is easy to suffer from dental caries. In addition, pay attention to the protection of teeth when eating, such as avoid eating too much hot and sour food, in order to prevent tooth enamel from erosion and damage.

    4. Massage gums
    Massage the gums with thumb and forefinger along a certain direction for 10 minutes each time, which can promote the blood circulation of gingiva, alveolar and dental pulp, and prevent premature atrophy of the gums.

    5. Chew correctly
    The correct way to chew is to use the teeth alternately. If one side of the teeth is often used for chewing, it is easy to cause employment atrophy of the organization for another side of teeth which do not have physiological stimulation. However, the teeth often used to chew are easy to cause pulpitis, and cause the face uneven t and affect the appearance.

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