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The reasons of gum bleeding

Core tip:Some people would have gum bleeding when brushing, sucking and eating hard things, what is the reason?

    Some people would have gum bleeding when brushing, sucking and eating hard things. What is the reason? There are many causes of gum bleeding, both local factors and systemic diseases. If you have gum bleeding, you should see the dentist in time.

    The common causes of gum bleeding are as follows:
    Gingivitis is the most common cause of gum bleeding. It is mostly caused by long-term gingival  stimulation by tartar, dental calculus, food impaction and bad restoration. This kind of stimulation will make the gingival connective tissue in a state of hyperemia for a long time. When people brush their teeth and chew food, their gums will easily bleed, but the bleeding can stop by itself.
    Periodontitis is often developed from gingivitis. In addition to the symptoms of gingivitis, there are periodontal pocket formation, pyorrhea, loose teeth, bleeding and so on.
    Necrotizing gingivitis is often manifested as spontaneous bleeding (without stimulation), pain, increased salivation, and halitosis. After waking up from sleep, it was found that there was bloody saliva on the pillow towel.
    Gestational gingivitis and gestational tumor often appear in the third to fourth month of pregnancy. After delivery, gingivitis can be cured without treatment, and gestational tumor is easy to bleed.
    Tumors such as hemangioma, vascular gingival tumor, gingival cancer, and rare reticulosarcoma on the gingiva are also prone to bleeding.
    Systemic disease in the case of extensive gum bleeding, large amount and difficult to stop bleeding, should be considered by the systemic disease, need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive and systematic physical examination, and timely do blood test, must not be taken lightly, delay treatment.
    If you have gingival bleeding, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. If bleeding is caused by the stimulation of dental calculus and tartar, as long as the doctor uses instruments or ultrasonic scaler to remove the calculus and tartar and apply 1% iodine glycerin on the local gingival, and you pay attention to oral hygiene, gingival bleeding can be cured quickly.
    Brushing teeth can not only prevent the formation of calculus, but also massage the gums, promote local blood circulation, enhance the gingival keratosis and repair ability, so as to effectively prevent gum bleeding. For the situation that gum bleeding is caused by tumor or systemic diseases, surgical operation or medical treatment should be coordinated.

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