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What are the symptoms of bleeding gums?

Core tip:Gingival bleeding is one of the common symptoms in the Department of Stomatology . It refers to a small amount of bleeding caused by the spontaneous or minor irritation of the gums. Bleeding gums is one of the common symptoms of Department

Bleeding gums is one of the common dental symptoms. It refers to a small amount of bleeding caused by the spontaneous or minor irritation of the gums.  When saliva is sucked, brushing or chewing hard food, there is blood silk in the saliva,this situation is not serious.It is serious that  the gums are slightly irritating, they have more bleeding or often spontaneous bleeding.
     Generally speaking, chronic inflammation of gums is a common cause of gingival bleeding, so gingival bleeding is commonly seen in patients with periodontitis and gingivitis, but sometimes it can also be oral manifestations of some systemic diseases. At this time, enough attention should be paid to it.
     Clinical manifestation of gingival bleeding:
     Gingival bleeding can be divided into passive bleeding and active bleeding (spontaneous bleeding).
     Passive bleeding: mainly in cleaning teeth, eating, sucking, gingival capillaries burst bleeding, but less blood, saliva in the visible blood or eat food and toothbrush in the blood after cold water rinse after dyeing, and can automatically stop.
     Active bleeding (spontaneous bleeding): it means that a slight stimulus can cause massive bleeding of gums, or gingival bleeding without any stimulation, with a wide range of bleeding, a large volume and uneasy to stop. This symptom is often related to the general health condition of the patient.


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