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Do you need to have your tooth extracted when having a tooth

Core tip:Because of toothache , some patients wantthe doctor to extract their teeth immediately, but in many cases, they dont need to or cant have their teeth extracted. Because no matter how good the denture is, its not as comfortable as the real

    Because of toothache, some patients want the doctor to extract their teeth immediately, but in many cases, they don't need to or can't have their teeth extracted. Because no matter how good the denture is, it's not as comfortable as the real tooth, so they should retain their own teeth as possible.
    But why can’t you have your tooth extracted sometimes when you have a toothache and need to have extracted?
    Because when you have a toothache, the tooth and its surrounding tissues are often in the acute inflammation stage. At this time, if you have tooth extracted, not only the anesthetic effect is poor, but also bleeding will be more serious than usual, and even it would cause the spread of inflammatory substances, bringing systemic infection. Therefore, if you have acute pericoronitis and acute periapical periodontitis, doctors often suggest to diminish inflammation first and then to have further treatment. 
    Which kinds of situations do you need the tooth extraction?
    1. The teeth which affect other health teeth such as the wisdom teeth with repeated inflammation the crooked teeth, the teeth with deep holes, and the wisdom teeth that can not be seen by naked eyes, should be extracted.
    2. The residual roots and crowns which have the value of preservation are easy to cause repeated inflammation and pain and damage the gums. The doctor will suggest that the residual roots and crowns should be removed as soon as possible.
    3. The cracked teeth should be extracted as soon as possible for the cracked teeth that cannot be retained.
    Therefore, instead of rushing to solve the problem after the tooth problem occurs, it is advisable to form a good habit of going to the dental clinic for oral examination regularly before the tooth problem occurs, so as to nip it in the bud.

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