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The process of root canal treatment

Core tip: The technology of root canal treatment is internationally recognized as the most effective treatment for pulp and periapical lesions.

    The technology of root canal treatment is internationally recognized as the most effective treatment for pulp and periapical lesions. Many people may be unfamiliar with the technology of root canal treatment. Let’s talk about how to treat oral diseases and the process of root canal treatment.
    The necrotic material in the root canal can be removed through root canal treatment . After rinsing and disinfecting, it can be filled to prevent reinfection and recurrence, so as to  completely eliminate the toothache and restore the affected teeth to health.
    The process of root canal treatment:

    1. root canal preparation: mechanical or chemical methods were used to thoroughly remove the diseased tissue in the root canal of the tooth, to determine the number and length of root canal, and to expand the root canal to a certain thickness, so as to make preparation for filling the root canal tightly.
    2. root canal disinfection: the prepared root canals are sealed with drugs to kill the microorganisms in the root canals. In order to improve the effect of root canal disinfection, at present, in addition to using drugs, we can also selectively use electrolytic disinfection, ultrasonic disinfection, microwave disinfection, laser disinfection. If the patients only receive the use of drugs to disinfect root canals, they should continue the treatment according to the appointment time. If the follow-up visit is delayed, the effect of drug disinfection on root canals may be weakened.
    3. root canal filling: fill the enlarged and disinfected root canal with medicine, eliminate the root canal cavity and isolate the periapical tissue from the root canal and the external channel, so as to prevent the periapical tissue from the stimulation of external pathological factors. Root canal treatment is a kind of fine operation, and it takes a long time. When receiving root canal treatment, you should be patient, communicate well with your dentist and actively cooperate. Do not rush for success, strive to achieve the ideal treatment effect.

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