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Shenzhen Dental Hospital list page

2016-05-14Will tooth extraction be painful?

Shenzhen dental hospital to remind you that it must be treated in a timely manner when the teeth have problems.

2016-05-14Will tooth extraction flow a lot of blood?

Shenzhen dental experts to remind that, you do not have to worry about the bleeding of tooth extraction after leaving the hospital.

2016-05-14What should be pay attention to after tooth extraction?

Dental experts point out that matters needing attention after tooth extraction, such as the following.

2018-02-02What problems should we pay attention to extracting tooth?

Speaking of tooth extraction, everyone may be very afraid. In fact, it is very common to extract teeth in the mouth. But there's a lot of attention to...

2019-04-15Do I need to remove the wisdom tooth?

Many friends ask: Do I need to remove the wisdom tooth? In fact, Whether you need to remove your teeth depends on the different situation.

2020-10-19What are Supernumerary Teeth?

Having supernumerary teeth is a common symptom in children. A supernumerary tooth is an extra tooth that grows next to or on one side of a normal toot...

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