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Shenzhen Dental Hospital list page

2016-05-09How to remove tartar?

Shenzhen oral expert points out, the fastest way to remove tartar is clean teeth.

2016-05-09What attentions do you need after removing tartar?

Toothwash is the most popular way of oral health, it is possible to remove tartar. So what needs attention after removing tartar?

2016-05-09Can tartar be prevented?

Shenzhen dentist introduced plaque formation speed, shape, hardness vary, under normal circumstances, to be effective tartar is removed by a professio...

2016-09-03Why do you have dental calculus or tartar?

Dental calculus are commonly found in the salivary glands of the opening tooth surface (for example: lingual surface of the lower jaw front teeth, the...

2016-09-03Scaling can remove tarnish

Scaling and root planning, commonly known as Scaling which is mainly aim to clear harmful substances attached to the surface of teeth, including denta...

2016-09-03Dental calculus and extraction

The formation, shape and hardness of dental calculus vary greatly from person to person. In general, newly formed tartar need twelve to fifteen hours....

2018-02-02What kind of postoperative care should be done after toothwa

What kind of postoperative care should be done after toothwash?

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