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Do you really know your teeth?

Core tip:During one's life time there would be two pairs of teeth-deciduous teeth and permanent teeth.

Do you really know your teeth?It's necessary to know some pediatric knowledge to take care of both you and children's teeth.During one's life time there would be two pairs of teeth-deciduous teeth and permanent teeth.

Deciduous teeth:this is one's first pair of teeth,and there are 20 teeth for each pair.After the age of six or so,deciduous teeth,also known as baby or primary teeth-fall out and are replaced by the permanent teeth.According to the American Dental Association(ADA),baby teeth will start showing up in a child's mouth starting around the age of six months and continuing until he or she is about six years old.The baby teeth play an vital part in helping a child learn to chew and speak,and they also serve as plceholders,saving the spot for the permanent teeth that will eventually erupt.

Permanent teeth:this is one's second pair of teeth,and there are 28 to 32 teeth for each pair.One starts to lose deciduous teeth from the age of 6,and then permanentteeth would erupt in order to take place of deciduous teeth.All the 28 teeth,not including the third molars,would fully erupt at the age of 12.It's a little late for the third molars to erupt.In fact,it's usually at the age of 18 to 30.Some of the third molars even won't erupt during one's lifetime.

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