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Shenzhen Dental Hospital list page

2016-04-29Keep Your Baby Cavity-Free: Prevent the Spread of Bacteria

Oral bacteria called mutans streptococci are often passed from parent to child through saliva and can lead to cavities.

2016-05-07What Is Teeth Decay?

"Caries", commonly known as a "decay", is a high incidence of human disease.WHO has been the three major disease prevention and treatment of dental ca...

2016-05-07How to prevent tooth decay?

Bacteria are responsible for tooth decay, if our poor oral hygiene, the tooth surface will be accumulation of a large number of bacteria, with the hel...

2016-05-07How to treat dental caries?

When found to have caries bad to fillings as soon as possible, otherwise it will need to be pulled out a tooth.

2016-08-19What if you have Dental caries or dental decay in Shenzhen?

What if you have Dental caries or dental decay in Shenzhen?And once the caries have been developed deep down to the pulp, treatment course can be more...

2016-08-24Help children conquer their fear of seeing a dentist

How can we help children conquer their fear of see a dentist?If the child cry severely before he or she go to see a dentist, you should manage to calm...

2016-12-21Causes of children susceptible to dental caries

In the growth and development period, the tooth anatomy of children changes with age, therefore, the occurrence and development of dental caries in ch...

2016-12-21Attention to the replacement of the teeth

From the first deciduous teeth began to fall off to the last baby teeth fall out, this period is called the replacement of deciduous to permanent (sta...

2016-12-21What attention should be paid to help children brush teeth

the posture of helping children brush their teeth.Let the child lay in your lap, face up, this is the best posture for you to brush your child’s teeth...

2018-02-02What is the harm of caries?

What is the harm of dental caries? Shenzhen oral hospital introduce it to us.

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