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Shenzhen Dental Hospital list page

2019-01-18precautions before cleaning your teeth

What are the precautions before cleaning your teeth? Shenzhen dentist explain for teeth,precautio

2018-03-11What is the harm of caries?

What is the harm of dental caries? Shenzhen oral hospital introduce it to us.

2018-03-11How should dental caries be treated? - symptomatic treatment

How should dental caries be treated? - symptomatic treatment!

2018-03-11Measures to prevent tooth decay in children

Small measures for prevention of tooth decay in children:

2016-12-21What attention should be paid to help children brush teeth

the posture of helping children brush their teeth.Let the child lay in your lap, face up, this is the best pos

2016-12-21Attention to the replacement of the teeth

From the first deciduous teeth began to fall off to the last baby teeth fall out, this period is called the re

2016-12-21Causes of children susceptible to dental caries

In the growth and development period, the tooth anatomy of children changes with age, therefore, the occurrenc

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