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Measures to prevent tooth decay in children

Core tip:Small measures for prevention of tooth decay in children:

      Some measures to prevent tooth decay in children:
1, Pay attention to oral hygiene, cultivate children's habit of rinsing mouth after meals and brushing teeth in morning and evening, and should pay attention to the correct method of brushing teeth to prevent.
2, Regular oral examination, do oral examination once a year, early detection and early treatment is the most ideal and effective way.
3, Use fluoride toothpaste with the health toothbrush, and use the correct way to brush teeth.
4. Regularly apply fluorine to children during the baby's deciduous teeth can effectively protect baby's deciduous teeth and children's teeth not easy to have dental plaque.
5. After the eruption of children's permanent teeth, timely closure of children's teeth by pit and fissure sealing to prevent tooth decay in all directions.

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