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Life span of porcelain teeth

Core tip:For porcelain teeth, whether it is metal or ceramic, their stability is good, but in many cases, porcelain teeth can not be "lifelong use", the reasons are as follows:

      For porcelain teeth, whether it is metal or ceramic, their stability is good, but in many cases, porcelain teeth can not be "lifelong use", the reasons are as follows:

      1.Your teeth have tooth decay or periodontal disease, and there is a broken or a falling off. If you pay attention to oral health, keep clean every day, and go to a medical institution to scaling regularly that can protect the porcelain teeth and prolong its service time. Admit some defects in the production of porcelain teeth will cause dental caries or periodontal disease, such as the large gap between the natural teeth and porcelain teeth , which creates the conditions for bacterial corrosion. And if the edge of the porcelain teeth are not properly handled, it is easy to cause the inflammation of the periodontal tissue. But don't worry too much, this risk can be avoided by professional physicians and technicians of the careful operation.

      2.Porcelain teeth has itself problems, such as the most common "collapse porcelain", it means it has cracks between the porcelain layer and the metal layer, or the prominent part of porcelain break and so on. The occurrence of these problems have a certain relationship with the selected materials(For example, the combination of ceramic and poor metal will be poor, then it will be easy to break at the interface ), sometimes due to improper use (such as bite hard objects). However, it is relevant with the dentists’ technical ability, in the case of the same material, by the different levels of dentists operation, the probability of collapse porcelain is also different.

      3.Aesthetic problems. Some inferior metal substrate of porcelain teeth, the edge will appear "gray line" after a few years and become increasingly serious, affecting the appearance. This is decided by the nature of the material, the dentists' duty is to design the porcelain teeth in the beginning, to inform this issue for your reference. Another common problem is gingival atrophy (usually occurrence after the age of 30),then porcelain teeth is not so natural. Some people care the higher requirements for cosmetic, when appear "grey line" and the edge exposure, they may be difficult to accept to consider making again. There are individual "extreme cases" some of the original porcelain teeth shape is to follow fashion, when the trend has changed, it is possible to follow again.

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