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Is porcelain veneer easy to fall off?

Core tip:The porcelain veneer is a method of tooth restoration. Incisors have cracks or pigment, dark yellow, black spots, can be repaired

     The porcelain veneer is a method of tooth restoration. Incisors have cracks or pigment, dark yellow, black spots, can be repaired by making porcelain veneers, make teeth still beautiful. Do porcelain veneer is easy to fall off?   
     The porcelain veneer cover is a part of the tooth surface of porcelain, the bonding technique in the preservation of vital pulp, less molar under the condition of surface defect of teeth, discolored teeth and tooth deformity with ceramic adhesive covering its surface, to restore the normal tooth shape and improve the tooth color. Shenzhen Dental experts pointed out that with reasonable design, sophisticated production, the use of excellent adhesive bonding method, correct, this porcelain veneer is not easy to fall off.

     The porcelain veneer is to restore the teeth, improve the face appearance as the main purpose, pay attention to the protection of use. If used carefully, porcelain veneers generally do not fall off, it will become a permanent restoration; if used improperly, it can cause the porcelain veneer cracked or off. The reason caused by shedding porcelain veneer mainly has the following several points:

     1. improper use. Especially repair in the face caused by the hard object, such as bones, sugar cane, melon seeds and so on.

     2. improper choice of indications. As more tooth tissue defect, for bonding tooth paste area is not enough, poor effect, is generally believed that the tooth tissue defect can do more than 60% porcelain veneer. Generally used for cosmetic restoration, removing discolored anterior teeth. However, the anti jaw, jaw on the edge due to abnormal occlusion, veneer will withstand abnormal bite force, then, under the anterior teeth are not suitable for porcelain veneer repair.

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