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How to do with missing teeth?

Core tip:In the whole life of human, we will grow two teeth dividing into the deciduous and permanent teeth. After a period of deciduous te

      In the whole life of human, we will grow two teeth dividing into the deciduous and permanent teeth. After a period of deciduous teeth, missing teeth will no longer grow. Teeth can not only chew food, help pronunciation, but also have a great impact on the face.
      Range of application of denture is relatively broad. Price is relatively cheap and it is suitable for most missing teeth situation. But the revised feel is uncomfortable and has foreign body sensation. What's more, masticatory force is very low and it will squeeze the alveolar bone and accelerate the absorption of alveolar bone. If oral health is not good, we will lead to tooth decay of adjacent teeth.
      It is the first choice in the present correction method that the fixed denture is the closest to the natural tooth. But it is necessary to have a good bone tissue and the cost is relatively high. The fixed denture is suitable for the missing teeth. The preparation of the base teeth on both sides of the gap zone should be carried out.           After the correction of the natural teeth, it feels relatively comfortable and chewing power is relatively high.
      Dental implant is the rise of new technology in these years. It refers to a kind of modified method to graft bone tissue in the lower part of the structure as the foundation to support the retention of upper teeth. It is the tooth defect correction method for upper teeth. Dental implants also need to think about the patient's oral condition. Implant teeth have a very similar role in the correction compared with the structure and the role of natural teeth.

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