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Why are teeth after root canal treatment easy to fracture

Core tip:It is often asked that the teeth after root canal treatment are particularly prone to fracture. What is the reason? Dental caries without timely treatmentwill further develop to infectthe deep tissue of toothand causepulp inflammation. Onc

    It is often asked that the teeth after root canal treatment are particularly prone to fracture. What is the reason?
    Dental caries without timely treatment will further develop to infect the deep tissue of tooth and cause pulp inflammation. Once pulp inflammation occurs, it is difficult to preserve healthy dental pulp. In order to preserve the diseased tooth, in many cases, the pulp tissue has to be inactivated, which is what we usually call root canal therapy and "rotten nerve" treatment.
    The nutrition of teeth comes from two aspects: one is that the pulp tissue composed of blood vessels, fibers and cells inside the teeth directly provides nutrition to the teeth. The other way is provided by the soft tissue around the teeth, and its nutrients can penetrate into the teeth.
    After the treatment of inactivated pulp, because of the loss of dental pulp nutrition supply, the teeth can only rely on periodontal soft tissue to provide nutrition; such teeth are relatively brittle and easy to fracture when chewing hard things. On the other hand, the teeth that need pulp treatment are with the large original tooth defect. During the treatment, not only the decayed tooth tissue should be removed, but also part of the normal teeth tissue has to be removed, which further reduce the tooth bearing capacity. If the teeth have too steep cusp and weak tooth tissue with poor resistance ,they are easier to fracture after treatment.

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