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How to protect our teeth correctly?

Core tip:September 20 is national love teeth day. the world health organization lists oral health as one of the top ten standards of human health. oral health is closely related to general health. But in daily life, people do not pay much attention

      September 20 is National love teeth day. The World Health Organization lists oral health as one of the top ten standards of human health. Oral health is closely related to general health, but in daily life, people do not pay much attention to oral problems. It is easy to cause dental diseases. So how to protect teeth correctly? Watch out for seven signals from your teeth.

1.a sudden toothache - beware of dental caries
    If one or more teeth suddenly ache, it may be that dental caries have occurred.

2.toothache more than one week - pulp disease, root disease
    If the tooth pain, accompanied by cold and hot water pain, pain at night, may be pulp disease. If the tooth continues to bite pain, it may be a root disease. Persistent toothache with gingival or parotid swelling may be caused by gingival abscess, should see a dentist.

3.yellow teeth - gargle in time
    If you drink coffee, tea and other dark drinks, you had better gargle immediately. In addition, the use of whitening toothpaste and tooth cleaning can help to improve the problem of tooth yellowing.

4.loose teeth - incorrect brushing of teeth
    The correct way to clean your teeth include brushing twice a day, flossing your teeth, cleaning your teeth twice a year, and so on.

5.gingival bleeding swelling - beware of periodontitis
    Gingival bleeding swelling symptoms continue for a day or two, don't worry too much, brush your teeth usually can ease this condition. But if your gums are often bleeding and swollen, you'd better see a dentist.

6.gum pain - toothbrush hair is too hard
    If you inhale cold air, drink hot or cold beverage then gum pains, it may be dental caries or gum atrophy. Try a soft-haired toothbrush instead of brushing your teeth too hard. If there is a red or white spot in the pain for more than 1 week, you should go to the hospital.

7.gum ulcer - eat less acid, spicy, hot food.
    If ulcer pain disappears in two or three days, there is no big problem. If the ulcer lasts for a long time, it may be a lack of vitamin A. It is suggested that you should eat more spinach, carrots and other vegetables.

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