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How to properly brush teeth?

Core tip:Dental experts point out that, properly brush teeth methods include the following points.

      Frequency and duration of brushing: sooner or later you have to brush your teeth, gargle. Conditions, should immediately brush your teeth after every meal. Each time you brush for at least three minutes.

      Brush your teeth before going to sleep is most important, because people fall asleep, reduce the secretion of saliva, saliva can wash away the bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth. If you do not brush your teeth before going to bed or not brush clean food debris under the action of bacteria soon acid fermentation, coupled with the lack of sleep due to the oral saliva, can not be diluted and the bacteria produce acid, the tooth is very susceptible to corrosion , long time, it may lead to tooth decay.

      So brush your teeth before going to bed, leave the food in the teeth and the tooth surface debris brushed clean, brushing longer eat anything, can maintain oral hygiene night.

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