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2016-04-30Do You Have Made The Toothbrush Mistakes?

Brushing teeth is important for our dental care. So when it comes time to brush teeth, surely we’re not making any toothbrush mistakes.

2016-04-30How To Brush Your Teeth Properly?

Brushing your teeth regularly is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and preventing periodontal (gum) diseases.

2016-05-01Brushing and Flossing Is very Important

Shenzhen dental care centre suggest you that it is very important to choose a good toothbrush.

2016-08-30Correct brushing methods to keep tooth decay away

It is just like the paint coating and cladding layer covering the iron to protect it from being rusted.But if the protecting layer falls off,iron woul...

2016-08-30Break some bad teeth brushing habits

To protect teeth from decay,it's very important for us to break some bad teeth brushing methods.Generally,as you can see belows,many people brush teet...

2016-08-30Correct teeth brushing methods

What is correct teeth brushing methods?Here is some ueeful tips for you:

2016-09-01Antimicrobial effects of mechanical debridement

Because the role of microorganisms in the causation and pathogenesis of periodontal disease is well documented,therapy is directed primarily towards r...

2016-09-01Importance of oral hygience

If oral hygience is neglected or discontinued,plaque growth reaches its maximum extent within 3-4 days,and plaque accumulation is detected on almost a...

2016-09-01Oral hygiene measures

Along with the quantitative reduction in supragingival plaque expressed by lower plaque indices and seen with both manual and powered toothbrushes,the...

2016-09-01 Professional supragingival debridement

Professional supragingival debridement is aimed at plaque elimination.A review of studies with duration of up to 1 year shows that professional suprag...

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