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What are the treatments for sparse teeth?

Core tip:Shenzhen dentist to remind patients with sparse dentition, should be treated as early as possible so as not to cause other effects of oral and systemic health hazards.

      Sparse teeth can cause food to be easily embedded and damage periodontal tissue, causing gingivitis and periodontitis, and at the same time, it is easy to cause dental caries. Severe cases will affect the beauty of patients.

      Shenzhen dentists reminded that patients with sparse teeth should be treated as early as possible, so as not to cause other hazards in oral and systemic health.

      The correction of tooth sparsity is mainly how to reduce the gap between the teeth.      

1. Etiology of treatment: According to the examination, can be done on the lips with dressing, the removal of multiple teeth and correct bad habits.

2. Orthodontic treatment:
    (1) The dental crevice caused by local factors can be improved by correction. Specific analysis of the specific situation, at the tooth growth period, the doctor will observe the lateral incisor and canine eruption, so as to adjust. If it is the permanent tooth period, it must be treated with instrument.
    (2) The method of correction that could not be closed. Due to congenital absence of teeth, small teeth and large tongues and other factors caused by the gap, only by correction could not be completely improved, can be repaired after correction.

 3. Maintenance phase: use corrective therapy to reduce dental space, which needs to be maintained. Keep the same method as before. When the correction is completed, we still need to wear the maintainer to consolidate the therapeutic effect.

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