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4 notices during the orthodontic treatment

Core tip:If you want to get the neat teeth , it is not enough to have the orthodontic treatment, you need to take care of the teeth during the treatment.

    If you want to get the neat teeth , it is not enough to have the orthodontic treatment, you need to take care of the teeth during the treatment.
Here are 4 notices
    1. Do not eat food with bone or hard shell
    During the orthodontic treatment, in addition to following the doctor's instructions, you should also take care of the appliance on your teeth. First of all, we should avoid eating hard food such as food with bone,crab, nuts and so on, and also avoid eating large pieces of food. If you want to eat an apple, please cut the apple into small pieces before eating, which can prevent the attachment of the appliance from loosening due to improper diet, so that the whole process of orthodontics can be completed smoothly.
    2. Rinse your mouth with water or tea

    There are normal parasitic bacteria in the human oral cavity, and there are a lot of microorganisms in the air. The oral cavity often contacts with the outside world. Therefore, there are many normal pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity. When the orthodontic appliance is put on the teeth, it will hinder the brushing of teeth. If the teeth are not well brushed and food remains between the teeth, the bacteria will multiply in large quantities, which will cause caries or periodontal tissue inflammation and destroy the whole treatment. Therefore, the best way to care for your teeth is to brush your teeth after every meal. If it is not convenient to brush your teeth after meals, rinse your mouth with water or tea.
   3. Eat less snacks
    If Children have orthodontic treatment , in addition to remember the above notices , they also should eat less snacks and candy, especially less chewing gum. Because the chewing gum sticks to the appliance and is difficult to be removed. In the process of adolescent orthodontic treatment, parents should pay special attention to urge their children to comply with the doctor's instructions, such as to have regular check-up in the hospital, to have replacement of steel wire and wear rubber band. Otherwise, the process of orthodontics will be prolonged and the ideal effect will not be achieved.
   4. Keep your mouth clean
   Keep the mouth clean: because the orthodontic appliance is bonded to the teeth by the adhesive, and the orthodontic devices exert force on the teeth to achieve the effect of tooth movement. Every time when brushing , move the toothbrush slowly and gently for 5 minutes. 

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