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The Effects of Uneven Teeth

Core tip:There aremanypeople with uneven teeth in fact. Many parents andadults dont pay much attention to the uneven teethand do nothingto improve the situation.Buthaving uneven teeth not only affectspeoples appearance , but also affectstheir body

There are many people with uneven teeth in fact. Many parents and adults don't pay much attention to the uneven teeth and do nothing to improve the situation. But having uneven teeth not only affects people's appearance, but also affects their body and mind.

1. Serious impact on the normal function of the oral cavity, mainly on our chewing, pronunciation, swallowing, respiratory function.

2. Periodontal tissue health and oral hygiene are seriously affected by uneven dentition, especially teeth crowding. On the one hand, it makes plaque easy to attach; on the other hand, it is difficult to clean because of the difficulty of toothbrush contact. Therefore, periodontal tissues, such as gingiva and alveolar bone, are prone to inflammation, gum swelling, bleeding, oral odor and other symptoms. For a long time, if the alveolar bone is seriously involved, teeth may become loose, resulting in serious consequences.

3. It plays an important role in the normal growth and development of the face.

4. Psychological health is seriously affected. Psychologists point out that patients with irregular teeth arrangement and malocclusion will be ridiculed for a long time, which will have a serious impact on their growth. If they don’t have orthodontics in time, they will have heavy mental burden. When they grow up, which will lead to many obstacles in marriage, social intercourse, work and career choice.

5. It seriously affects the beauty of our appearance. Many people would think that If a beautiful face shows uneven teeth when laughing, it will definitely affects the impression on others.

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