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2015-05-07Deciduous anti-jaw correction case

Case analysis: - Case - Name: Children Age: 3 years old Dental problems: deciduous anti-jaw Treatment: fixed appliance [Case] details 2006-year-old gi...

2015-05-07Under former oligodontia everstick bonded repair case

Case analysis: - Case - Name: Mr. Zhang Age: 43 years old Dental problems: lower front oligodontia Treatment plan: everstick bonded repair [Case] deta...

2015-05-07Root canal treatment after maxillary crown on the restoratio

Case analysis: - Case - Name: Wang Age: 46 years old Dental problems: After repeatedly insert upper right posterior area pain One food more than a mon...

2015-05-07Anterior teeth for cosmetic restoration Case

Case analysis: - Case - Name: Ms. Xie Age: 32 years old Dental problems: anterior teeth malalignment 20 years Treatment programs: E-max all-ceramic cr...

2015-05-07One example mandibular orthodontic treatment

Case analysis: - Case - Name: Miss Deng Age: 19 years old Dental problems: missing teeth, mandibular angle Treatment plan: MBT Correction [Case] detai...

2015-05-07Full mouth missing teeth perfect resume

Case analysis: - Case - Name: Liu aunt Age: 68 years old Dental problems: missing multiple teeth full-mouth Treatment: water laser dental implants [Ca...

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