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2016-04-30What Causes Gingivitis?

Gingivitis can seriously harm our oral health. It typically results from poor dental care. Plaque, a substance that develops from bacteria, mucus, and...

2016-05-15What is the gingivitis?

Gum disease is mainly caused by local stimulation factors, common gingival plaque and tartar, food impaction and bad teeth.

2016-05-15What is the treatment of gingivitis?

The dentist pointed out that the oral cavity clean and operation method can treat gingivitis.

2016-09-01supragingival debridement

Fact accounting for an ascertained influence of supragingival debridement on the subgingival ecosystem may be seen in unintended and unperceived instr...

2016-09-01Subgingival scaling

Instrumentation of the subgingival area is aimed at removing as much as possible of the bacterial biofilm and subgingival calculus.However,thorough su...

2016-09-07Gingival outline

The final evaluation of deficient crowns is made at the gingival level.Gingival vontours may require alteration to: 1,eliminate residual periodontal d...

2016-09-07Establishing an aesthetic gingival appearance

Establishing an aesthetic gingival appearance first involves the restoration of gingival and periodontal health.Once the patient has confirmed efficie...

2016-09-07Tissue management for the maxillary anterior region

Anterior tissues are delincate,and a healthy facial crevice in the anterior region is shallow;therefore,the potential for trauma to the gingival tissu...

2016-09-07Initial tooth preparation-healthy tissues

Thin anterior gingival tissues are delicate and susceptible to traumatic recession caused by preparations or overcontoured provisional restorations.Wi...

2018-02-02What are the types of gingivitis?

Gingivitis is an acute or chronic inflammation that occurs in the tooth tissue under the effect of pathogenic factors.On the medical point of view, gu...

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