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Why does Tooth Inflammation Occur after Root Canal Treatment

Core tip:If you dont havetreatmentfor a long timeafter having dental caries, the caries will invade the pulp from the shallow to the deep.

    If you don’t have treatment for a long time after having dental caries, the caries will invade the pulp from the shallow to the deep. At this time,tooth filling can not solve the problem and root canal treatment is needed. Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a treatment for teeth, pulp and apical root lesions. Root canal treatment is a kind of treatment which can remove the inflamed necrotic material in the root canal and fill it after disinfection, so as to remove the adverse stimulation of the substance in the root canal on the periapical tissue and prevent periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical diseases.

    Root canal treatment can reduce the pain of patients and prevent the spread of pulp infection (teeth with pulpitis will continue to deteriorate, eventually leading to pulp necrosis, and even periapical lesions). This process is quite painful; however, root canal treatment can not only alleviate the pain, but also keep the tooth.

    Why does tooth inflammation occur after root canal treatment for some people?

    In fact, if the root canal treatment is done well, the tooth will not be inflamed. One possibility is that the doctor does not carefully clean out all the necrotic material in the root for you when doing root canal treatment, which may lead to the emergence of bacteria in the tooth, and then a large number of bacteria will grow and the inflammation will occur again. At this time drug treatment can be used, if the symptoms are not improved but become worse, then you need to go to the department of stomatology for root canal treatment again.

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