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What attention should be paid to help children brush teeth

Core tip:the posture of helping children brush their teeth.Let the child lay in your lap, face up, this is the best posture for you to brus

 the posture of helping children brush their teeth:

      Let the child lay in your lap, face up, this is the best posture for you to brush your child’s teeth , it is easy to operate.

      You can also let the child lie in bed or on the sofa, you are in the direction of his head, from behind to help brushing.

      When the child is stronger, you can also stand in front of the mirror, you stand behind the child, to help children brush.

      The point is, choose the posture that you think is comfortable, and you are able to see the child's teeth.

      Brush twice a day

      Brushing too much or brushing too hard, will damage the teeth and gum tissue, it is recommended not more than 3 times a day.

      American Dental Association recommends daily morning and evening with a fluoride toothpaste twice, two minutes each time. Studies have shown that brushing teeth less than two minutes is one of the main reasons for poor oral hygiene.

      Wash your teeth before meals, mouthwash after meals

      The main purpose of brushing is to brush away dental plaque.

      Compared with brushing, the effect of mouthwash and dental floss take away the food residue will be better.

      Brush teeth first then eating

      Bacteria use food to metabolize acid, which can cause tooth decay. Saliva in the mouth can neutralize some of the acid, but little saliva secretion at night, the bacteria increase in the long night, if not brushing, bacteria can quickly use the residue in our mouth left by breakfast, produce large amounts of acid metabolism.

      Studies have shown that acid will be produced after eating, cause the teeth "threat"."Prevention" clear the plaque may be more effective. When brushing, you not only cleared the plaque on the teeth, but also attached thin layer of fluoride , can help the teeth to resist acid attack.

      Brush your teeth after meals

��   If you brush your teeth after breakfast, the acidification reaction has taken place, when the pH of the oral cavity is lower than 5.5, the tooth surface tissue has been softened. It has caused some erosion in the breakfast food, when brushing your teeth, may further lead to the loss of mineral composition of the teeth, and the effect of fluoride in toothpaste to protect the teeth will be greatly reduced.

       It is better to act first, parents should insist on helping the child brush teeth twice a day, or supervise the child carefully brush teeth two times in early morning and evening.


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