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The outstanding advantages of dental implant

Core tip:The emergence of dental implant technology has brought convenience to the majority of patients. More and more patients choose dent

    The emergence of dental implant technology has brought convenience to the majority of patients. More and more patients choose dental implant surgery to improve their oral problems. What are the outstanding advantages of dental implant compared with other operations? Let's listen to the detailed introduction of oral experts.  

    Beauty: the crown can be made according to the face shape, shape and color of other teeth to achieve the best effect of overall coordination and beauty.  
    Comfort and convenience: no need to use the base plate and clasp necessary for removable denture. To have dental implant do not make you have foreign body feeling. It’s very comfortable and convenient to have dental implant, and it’s beneficial to maintain oral hygiene.
   Strong function: it can well restore the function of teeth. The chewing function of dental implant is much better than that of other traditional dentures.  
   Good retention: No need to use the clasps or braces of traditional dentures. The artificial root are closely combined with alveolar bone like the real teeth with strong retention and stability
    No teeth grinding : dental implants rely on their own artificial root to repair. Do not need to grind the neighboring healthy teeth.  
    Simple operation: implant surgery is a small alveolar surgery, similar to tooth extraction.  With local anesthesia and less trauma, the patients can eat after surgery. Generally, dental implantation can be completed in only a few minutes to several hours.
    Therefore, dental implant has the above outstanding advantages and becomes the best choice for more oral patients. If you plan to have dental implant surgery, experts suggest that you should go to the regular hospital for surgery, so as to ensure the surgical effect.  
    In terms of dental implant, all kinds of dental materials have passed strict quality inspection and have quality certificates to ensure that every tooth is perfect. The global high-quality and first-class materials which are strictly tested and approved by international standards, have excellent biocompatibility and durability. The dental implant with natural appearance and natural color is the favorite of film stars and public figures .

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