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Precautions after Dental Implant Operation

Core tip:Although dental implant operation is a small surgery, we also should pay attention to it. Here are some precautions after dental i

    Although dental implant operation is a small surgery, we also should pay attention to it. Here are some precautions after dental implant operation.

    1. Pay attention to protect the wound after operation, do not suck the wound, speak less, and do not eat overheated, too hard or irritating food
    2. Please apply cold compress on the day after operation (within 24 hours), and take anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers according to the doctor's advice
    3. Do not smoke, drink or brush teeth on the day after operation, brush teeth and gargle normally on the second day after operation, and gently brush the operation area
    4. Please avoid excessive exercise, fatigue, sauna and bathing within 3 days after operation
    5. If there is any suture, it should be removed after 2-3 weeks
    6. Patients with maxillary sinus bone grafting should not blow their nose or spit vigorously
    7. If the healing cap is loose, please keep it and review it in time
    8. The restoration time of the crown on the upper part of the implant was usually 2-4 months after operation
    9. It is normal to have redness, swelling, heat and pain or a small amount of blood in saliva within one week after operation. Generally, the pain will disappear slowly, so don't worry
   10. Facial bruising after surgery is a normal phenomenon. You can use hot towel for hot compress. After that, the bruise will disappear by itself, so there is no need to worry about it

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