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What needs attention to oral ulcers?

Core tip:Oral experts said that: people who have regular oral ulcers, should pay attention to the following.

      Oral experts said that: people who have regular oral ulcers, should pay attention to the following.

      Firstly, drink yoghurt. 4 tablespoons a day to eat raw Pickle buttermilk, can inhibit harmful bacteria, beneficial to the prevention of oral ulcers.

      Secondly, avoid irritating substances. Eat coffee, spicy sauce, orange fruits, arginine-rich nuts, especially walnuts, chocolate and strawberry and other things, it will stimulate the oral ulcers, and some people have mouth ulcers. Therefore, we should avoid such foods.

      Thirdly, the cure for increasing physical activity, improve the body's resistance to disease.

      Fourth, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods rich in vitamins.

      Fifth, to feel comfortable and oral hygiene, promptly remove gross calculus, remove the bad repair and the like.

      Sixth, pay attention to regular daily life, quit alcohol, avoid overwork and nervous.

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