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What are the methods to treat gingival recession?

Core tip:First of all, we should develop good oral health habits , every day should do a good job of cleaning the teeth, to ensure that eve

   First of all, we should develop good oral health habits, do a good job of cleaning the teeth every day, to ensure that every morning and evening each time. After lunch, it is best to rinse the mouth in time so as to remove the food residue and ensure the health of  teeth.
     Secondly, some oral problems also cause gingival atrophy, such as dental calculus, periodontitis, oral ulcers, gingival abscesses, or even inappropriate dentures. It is possible to cause the gums to atrophy, so if there is an oral disease, it should be treated in time.
     Finally, the problem of Gingival recession  can be reduced by dietary therapy. For example, you can make lean meat or wolfberry soup, or make boiled eggs, and add some Chinese herbs to cook. Daily use, can be a good treatment of oral diseases, to prevent atrophy of the gums.

     Matters need attention:
     Gingival health is very important. If there is gum atrophy, it will be very ugly to expose your teeth. This will cause damage to your heart, so gum atrophy should be treated in time.

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